5 Benefits of Hibiscus Tea

Hibiscus tea is a very popular herbal beverage and medicine. Why should you drink this tea? Why do so many people all over the world do it? In this blog post I’ll share with you 5 good reasons to start drinking hibiscus tea as soon as possible!

1. Hibiscus tea is great for people with mild to moderate hypertension
If you have high blood pressure, hibiscus tea can help you reduce it even by 10 points. How much do you have to drink to produce this effect? About three cups every single day for a few weeks (according to a study by researchers from Tufts University of Boston).

2. It’s rich in antioxidants
Antioxidants eliminate free radicals which have a damaging effect on your body. Hibiscus tea will help you maintain good health, lower the risk of developing cancer or heart disease and possibly increase your lifespan (some theories suggest that free radicals speed up the aging process). The tea can also lower LDL cholesterol levels (and that will improve your cardiovascular health).

3. It has a great taste
Hibiscus tea has a tart flavor similar to cranberry juice. If you like cranberries, you’ll like hibiscus. If you like sweet tea, you can always sweeten it with sugar or honey. To change the flavor of the tea, you can also add some spices (such as nutmeg, cinnamon, clover or ginger) or lime. If you want to drink it as they sometimes drink it in Jamaica, add a little rum!

4. It aids in weight loss
If you want to increase your satiety, drink hibiscus tea after a meal. It’ll not only make you feel fuller, it’ll also help in digesting starch and sugar. Moreover, since it has a diuretic effect, it’ll help in getting rid of excess water in the body (and that will make you look less bloated).

5. It’s great in the winter and in the summer
You can make hot tea or ice tea. Some people don’t like to drink hot tea in the summer, so hibiscus ice tea is a great alternative (it takes about 20 minutes to make it). If you want to warm yourself up, you can always make hot tea (it takes only a few minutes to make it).

Now you have five great reasons to try hibiscus tea! Hibiscus is consumed by people all over the world. There’s a reason to it – it improves your quality of life. Start drinking the tea today to see it for yourself!


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